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How to use our website and some FAQs.

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Why should I participate?

Why participating in a research project can benefit you:

  • Impact. Your time and efforts are not just going towards getting you a good grade that you will forget about in ten years. Your research may impact the well-being of people worldwide
  • Experience. Companies (and colleges) are impressed by individuals who has relevant experience working and developing a field.
  • Competition. There are many exciting and rewarding research competitions that high school students can apply to. Read more here.

How to use and get the most out of our service

After creating your account, you can either:

  1. Find a project hosted by a mentor/professor
  2. Post a project you are interested in working on and match with a mentor

Finding a project hosted by a mentor/professor

You can find projects to work on either by browsing the latest project posts or filtering through the subjects of projects that you are interested in. If you need to remove your filter selections, press the refresh button on the right. Once you find one that you are interested in, click on the post to view the details. Please make sure you meet all the prerequisites before you apply. If you wish to formally apply for the opportunity, click on the poster's profile, find their email address, and send them a direct email with your application, including your resume. See our guides on proper email etiquette. Don't forget to mention that you found this opportunity on Scope Research!

Note 1: We recommend that students who are entirely new to research look for opportunities with undergraduate mentors. Our group of amazing volunteers make the initial adjustment to the research mindset easier, and the projects that they host are generally more beginner friendly as compared to university professors. After you have gained some experience, feel free to apply for more formal professor led opportunities.

Note 2: You may not be eligible to apply for all opportunties that you can view in your dashboard. For example, you may see some posts made by other high school students who are requesting support from undergraduate mentors or professors. Pay attention to the intended audience of each post, and please do not send emails to the poster of such opportunities that you are not eligble for.

Note 3: The filtering subject feature is comming soon!

Posting a project and matching with a mentor

If you already have a research idea in mind but require assistance from a mentor, you have the option to post your project for our mentors to view. Once a mentor or professor has seen and accepted your request, you will receive an email from them in the address you used when you registered.

Note: Professors are generally busier, so it may be easier to find an undergraduate student to mentor you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a minimum age to do research in a lab?

Generally, a student needs to be at least 15. Different research programs and labs may have additional restrictions or alternative age miniumums.

There is a pandemic currently. How can I participate in research when institutions are in lockdown?

There are two types of research: wet and dry. Wet lab essentially consists of performing experiments in a laboratory. Dry lab consists of doing research outside of the lab, like at home. The subjects that are dry lab are generally computer science related or more in the humanities. Dry lab will probably be your best bet during a pandemic.

I really want to participate in research, but I am scared I am not knowledgeable enough in the field. What should I do?

Please consider using our mentorship service! Through our 8 and 12 week programs, depending on your mentor, you will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of research and be more prepared to research with a professor!

I keep getting rejected by professors, what should I do?

Getting a research position with a professor is no easy task! Many will require you to have somewhat of a research background. That's what our mentorship service is for!

I live very far away from any research institution. Is there a way for me to conduct research still?

Yes! Dry lab is probably your best option, since dry lab can be done anywhere.

Scientific papers are really difficult to read, how can I efficiently read and understand these papers?

Scientific papers are really difficult to read initially, but check out our "Read papers" page to understand the techniques you can use to effectively approach reading scientific papers.

What are our expectations when researching with a mentor/professor?

This is one of the first things you need to communicate with and figure out. Either in your first meeting or through email, ask your mentor questions like "How many hours do you expect me to contribute each week?" and "What kind of work will I be doing? Computational, lab work, etc?"

I've found a professor I am interested in researching with, now what?

Click on their profile page, and email them directly. Professors generally prefer receiving formal emails of application through email.

When will the research appointments take place, especially during this pandemic?

If the research that you specialize in is virtual, then the research appointment can start anytime: you and your mentor can decide will work best for both of you. If the work requires you to be in person in a laboratory, communicate with your mentor on possible restrictions due to COVID-19. We do not have a set start and end time for each appointment, that is something you and your mentor will need to decide together.

What will we do on the website after I found a research opportunity?

The purpose of the website is to provide motivated high school students like you with research opportunities. However, our bigger mission is to build a community of researchers. After you find an opportunity, we would love for you to continue staying active on our social media, like Instagram!

How will you ensure the accountability of the mentees?

In our mission, we make it clear we are looking for motivated high school students that are potentially interested in exploring the world of research. Accountability of the student is another reason we have made the program paid. While we charge far less than our competitors and offer more, we believe our platform should be accessible to all high school students that are interested. Remember if the cost is hard to meet, please send an email to us and you may qualify for a fee waiver.


Please update us through email ([email protected]) or with the below survey about your experiences with the platform so we can provide a better service for you.

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