Read Papers

A guide to reading technical research papers.

How to find scientific papers

In this section, we will teach you how to find scientific papers to better understand a researcher's interests. ‚Äč

If your professor has their scientific papers posted...

Simply copy and paste the title of the article into Google Scholar or PubMed. Once you have found the paper, make sure to check that the your specific professor is an author.

If your professor does not have their scientific papers posted...

  1. Copy and paste the name of the professor into Google Scholar.
  2. Check if the name and institution of the profile matches the one you have in mind.
  3. Browse through the selection of papers, try to read the most recent ones.

NOTE: Linked below are some of the sites that give you free access to articles. Some sites may require instiutional emails (emails that end in .edu). If you run into this issue, feel free to submit a request here and we will try to find it for you.

Google Scholar PubMed Wiley Library Elsevier

How to read scientific papers

In this section, we will be teaching you how to efficiently gain a decent understanding of the research.

1. Begin by reading the abstract, it is essentially a summary of what the whole paper is going to be about.

2. Background in the introduction section is integral for understanding the context of the research.

3. A glance over figures can give you a better understanding of the results.

3. Read the conclusion to understand the implications of the findings in the paper.