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The Projects Dashboard

The Projects Dashboard is a database of research projects for high school students. These research projects are posted by both professors and undergraduate mentors. In the descriptions of these projects, professors and undergraduate mentors will list the experience required for these projects. For students who have previous research experience but who want to do research in a new topic, this may be a great place to search for their next project. Students with no prior experience will also get value out of this product as there will be several projects that will require no prior research experience. However, for students with no prior research experience, participating in the mentorship (listed below) is the recommended way to ease into college-level research.


Mentorship is a great opportunity for high school students to work with undergraduate mentors who have previous research experience.

Lesson Plans

12 Week Plan with experiments:

For this plan, the mentor will guide the student through product ideation, the experiment, and the manuscript phase of the research project. At the conclusion of this mentorship, students will have the opportunity to participate in a mini science fair Fall 2021, in preparation for regional, state, and international science fair. They may also choose to write a manuscript for publication in Journal for Young Investigators. This plan is recommended for students-mentor teams who have a research idea in mind.

12 Week Plan without experiments:

This plan is very similar to the 12 week plan. However, it is designed for student-mentor teams who do not have a research idea in mind or for research ideas that are not executable in person. At the conclusion of this mentorship, the student will create a proposal for an experiment to perform in the future. They may submit their proposal to us for showcasing.