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At Scope Research, we aim to provide high school students of all levels of experience with research opportunities. High school students registered with our website may browse through a list of research position postings and apply to ones that best fits their interests. These postings may be made by volunteer undergraduate students or university professors registered with our service. High school students already with a project idea but in need of mentorship may also post their project and request for mentorship from our undergraduate mentors.

Not ready to register yet? You can still access our helpful guides on emailing professors on your own without an account, including tutorials on how to write a resume, how to read academic papers, free email templates, and more! The following information only applies for those who wish to or already have an account.


Accounts are simple to make. You must make an account to view the projects dashboard. Press project dashboard in the navigation menu to begin the registration process. Professors may register for accounts without further action. During our promotional period, high school students may also register for an account active immediately. Please note that your account will be deactivated if you demonstrate inappropriate or unprofessional behavior.

Undergraduate students who are interested in becoming mentors must fill out the form here. You will then receive further instructions for an interview. After passing that, you may create your account. We will remove mentor accounts that have not been processed.

  1. Navigate to project dashboard. It should redirect you to the registration page.
  2. Enter the requested information. Please use a professional email address, usually ending in .edu. Consider uploading a profile picture, but it is not required.

Browsing Projects

After registering for an account, you will be able to view and browse a list of available research position openings. You will be able to apply a filter to your search, organizing by categories such as the field of interest and the target audience of the post (i.e. if the post is looking for high school researchers to join or looking for mentors to help out). If you need to remove your filter selections, press the refresh button on the right.

Note: In a future feature update, you will also have the ability to flag posts you find interesting and follow accounts who you find interesting. Flagged posts will show up in your profile screen under flagged posts (note that they will not be visible to anyone else). Also, we are planning to send notifications when the account you follow makes a post for a new opportunity.

Posting a project

High school students may post their own research project to find a mentor, and mentors/professors are able to post research opportunities for students to view. Press the "plus" button on the right to create a post.

  1. Press the "plus" button on the right to create a post.
  2. Create a project name. Generally, the more innovative or eye catching this title is, the more students/mentors will interact.
  3. Give a general description of what the project is about. For professors, you may want to mention the duration of the project, the time commitment you are looking for, location, and the responsibilities of the student. For students, you may want to mention exactly what you hope your mentor to help you with.
  4. Choose the intended audience of the post. Mentors and professors will only be able to post opportunities for high school students. High school students may specify if they are looking for mentors who are undergraduates, professors, or either.
  5. Select the field of science you best fit in. If you cannot find one similar to yours, choose "Other" and please let us know.
  6. Press "Post" to officially post the opportunity.

NOTE: Posts can be edited.


Information that can be found on the profile:

  • Name
  • Institution
  • Email
  • Bio
  • Projects that this profile posted

Please read on for more in-depth instructions and FAQs. Any inquiries may be directed to [email protected]

Information for students

For high school students looking for mentor/professor guided research opportunities. Students may already have a research idea they want mentorship for, or they may follow a mentor/professor along their project.

Information for mentors

For undergraduate researchers volunteering to mentor high school students along a research project, or provide advice to students already working on a project.

Information for professors

For professors conducting research at a university volunteering to mentor high school students along a research project.